“Having gone through various media and presentation training experiences over the past twenty years, Mary Gannon is in a league by herself.  There is no one better to help executives and spokespeople formulate key messages and deliver them successfully to various audiences.  Mary has a very unique way of combining professionalism with her gregarious personality that sets her clients at great ease and consistently drives success.”
- Jon Harris, Chief Communications Officer, Hillshire Brands


“Mary Gannon is an outstanding training consultant to any team looking to improve their ability to communicate effectively with customers, clients, colleagues, superiors and/or subordinates.  Mary’s style is adaptive to the needs of the group, whether the goal is to be more effective at giving presentations to large audiences or communicating effectively one-on-one with co-workers or clients.  We have engaged Mary several times over this last year.  It has been a great success.  We have seen marked improvements with even the most seasoned sales person by utilizing the tools that Mary teaches-in terms of organizing, communicating and listening-to provide the best response from the audience, large or small.  We will continue to call on Mary to help us work towards being the most effective sales team we can be.”
- Kimberli Carroll, VP, Sales and Marketing, Ruiz Foods

“In a word, Mary Gannon is “impressive,” mostly because she is an incredibly good listener.  It’s rare that I speak with a consultant who truly hears every last detail of what I’m trying to accomplish in a given project.  This is especially important for executive coaching sessions since CEO time is extremely valuable.  I would also say her finesse was extraordinary in her media and presentation session with First Industrial Realty’s CEO.”
- Sean O’Neill, SVP, Investor Relations, First Industrial Realty

“Either through individual or group sessions, Abbott managers have greatly benefited from Mary’s coaching on content organization, fielding questions and giving presentations across a variety of forums.  I noticed an immediate positive impact in how my presentations were received after adopting the skills gained through these sessions.  Mary Gannon really made everyone feel at ease.  I would highly recommend her for executive coaching to my business colleagues.”
- Gayle Kirkpatrick, Global Licensing Director, Abbott Laboratories

“Mary Gannon is a superb facilitator.  Her personality and techniques helped our senior management team come together.  We went from twelve different messages to one.  She helped us craft a message to the market that was effective and had buy-in from the team.”
- Nancy Ruprecht, Partner, Blackwell Consulting Services

“It’s amazing how much of a difference a single day of training has made on how my presentations are received.  I have no doubt in my mind that it was a day well spent!”
- Ramesh Venkatramesh, Project Manager, Renessen, LLC

“Mary is a quick study, who helps my clients fully understand their role with the media.  Her journalism experience and practical advice, combined with her energy and enthusiasm work to make her media trainings both fun and productive for all involved.”
- Lisa Doherty, President, Doherty Marketing Communications