The executive management team of Michigan Turkey Producers was amazed at the realistic crisis situations posed by Mary Gannon and her team of professionals along with practical "do's and dont's" to address management response to those crisis situations.   I would very highly recommend this training to anyone who might find themselves addressing employees, the public or the media in a crisis environment. 

Dan Lennon
President and CEO
Michigan Turkey Producers

Media & Crisis Communications training

Services: Media Spokesperson & Crisis Training

The media is one of the biggest influences on public opinion, even in today’s ever-changing, integrated environment.  Your organization’s image is more important than ever.  Can you deliver your messages effectively both pro-actively and in a crisis? 

Mary is an experienced journalist. She is also an informative, entertaining and passionate coach. Mary knows what you can expect when a reporter shows up on your doorstep. You'll get the tools to level the playing field.

Whether you’re meeting the media while talking about your products at a trade show, or navigating a crisis in your industry, these sessions are tailored to your needs.

The sessions can be structured in many ways, but always include: proven tips on preparation, realistic practice with print, radio, television and internet interviews, and honest, constructive critique.

The relationship doesn’t end with the training.  Clients have one year of post-session phone consultation at no additional cost.