In a word, Mary Gannon is “impressive,” mostly because she is an incredibly good listener.  It’s rare that I speak with a consultant who truly hears every last detail of what I’m trying to accomplish in a given project.  This is especially important for executive coaching sessions since CEO time is extremely valuable.  I would also say her finesse was extraordinary in her media and presentation session with First Industrial Realty’s CEO. 

Sean O’Neill
SVP, Investor Relations

Executive Coaching

Services: Executive Coaching

These customized coaching sessions focus on strengthening a client's "executive presence." MGC has a unique approach that works.

We guarantee to enhance your communication skills in a way that has a direct, positive impact on your business or organization. We deliver customized programs within budget, and on time.

Clients from a diverse spectrum of business, government and non-profits use Mary Gannon Communications to polish their message delivery. They also practice handling any and all tough questions. The sessions build confidence. They will develop your leadership skills and boost your ability to effectively communicate with customers, management, peers, shareholders and the media.

The relationship doesn't end with the training. Clients have one year of post-phone consultation at no additional cost.